$149.00 AUD

I'm wanting the 30 Day Spend Cleanse too!

Mini Money Makeover Course

This is a self-paced course you can finish in a day or a week, it's up to you. When you finish you will know where your money goes and you will be able to structure your accounts to suit your life...without the overwhelm.

Each module contains a video tutorial and some real action for you to take. 

A fast furious deep dive designed to create real lasting change in the way you deal with your money.

I kept it short and sweet so that you can get past the boring bits and into the life you want to live!

What People Are Saying:

"I'm excited and grateful! I have this feeling of confidence just from taking these really simple steps!"

Diana, South Yarra

"I want to say thank you - you made a difference to how I think about money!"

Maria, 52, Ballarat

A short course in basics was the right first step to get myself into gear and get my money sorted!

Karen, 43, Hawthorn East