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Our self-guided courses and a supportive community will reduce your money stress and keep you on track to reach any life goal.

Courses for every stage of your money journey

Understand your finances and your money mindset

Living paycheck to paycheck? Feeling unable to get on top of a budget and set goals? You're not alone: It's time to understand your true financial position and shift your money mindset.

Mini Money Makeover

Demolish debt and set your money goals

Forget minimum repayments cumulating interest. We'll help you make a plan to crush your debt faster and with better financial outcomes for your future.

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Build wealth and secure your future

Investing, property ownership, shares and more – let's align your life goals with all the possibilities for building wealth and secure your future finances today.

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Phoebe Blamey is on a mission to help women get a grip on their finances and plan their fabulous future

Phoebe is an award-winning Australian mortgage broker and former financial advisor. Throughout her life, as a single parent and business owner, she’s had her own money demons to battle. It hasn’t always been easy. Phoebe is a case study for success. Now she wants to help YOU

After writing and launching her best-selling book The Happy Money Journey, Phoebe heard from dozens of readers who wanted even more practical guidance to get on top of their money. 

Phoebe gets it: Life can be extremely busy. The Mini Money Makeover takes the principles of the Happy Money Journey and helps you work through exercises and tasks at your very own pace to gain control over your financial situation.

What can you expect from a Happy Money Journey course?

Mindset shifts

We’ll identify your beliefs around money and discover where they came from. This will assist you to begin thinking differently about how money comes in and out of your life, and create a different financial outcome.

Understand your true financial position

Understanding your current financial situation will allow you to better predict and handle future challenges. We’ll determine your actual cost of living and help you leverage the balance between available income and expanding expenses.

Set achievable goals

Setting goals is one thing but understanding WHY you want to achieve these goals is another. Our courses help you to understand what you want to achieve, and why, and how to get there. 

A plan for financial security

Learn how to identify and tackle future obstacles and commitments to become more financially organised. We’ll talk about investing, automation, and big purchases like property and holidays. 

Bonus features of every course

✓ A printable copy of the My Happy Money Journey Workbook

✓ Access to The Happy Honeys private Facebook group for support and connection with the Happy Money Journey community

Experience the freedom that comes with feeling empowered and confident knowing that you are in control of your finances 

Do what you can, with what you have, right now. The Happy Money Journey is all about understanding true wealth and shifting your money mindset, not always having a huge bank balance. Join me to learn how to make your finances work for you and live a happy money life. 

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