Meet Phoebe Blamey


Author,The Happy Money Journey: How to make good money decisions and live life on your terms


Founder, Clover Financial

After leading teams of mortgage brokers at Wizard, Aussie and NAB, Phoebe Blamey realised there was more to life than working to pay off your home loan.

She saw real financial success as making good money decisions that help you live life on your terms — and that’s exactly why she started Clover Financial Solutions

Since opening their doors, Phoebe and the Clover team have helped thousands of people move into their first home, buy an investment property, start an investment portfolio, use equity to invest, start businesses and plan for retirement.

The qualified mortgage broker is also the author of The Happy Money Journey, where she shares her long-term industry knowledge and inspires her clients to shift their money mindset and kick their financial goals.



The Happy Money Journey

by Phoebe Blamey

If the thought of another money guru telling you what you have done wrong and talking down to you makes you feel like throwing in the towel (and hitting the shops with your credit card) then The Happy Money Journey is for you.

In her debut book, qualified mortgage broker Phoebe Blamey understands, from personal experience, that a positive money mindset can yield empowering results. Her simple and straightforward approach avoids jargon and judgement, and gives women the tools to make good money decisions and live life on their own terms.

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